GenghisCon 2014 Savage Worlds Events-at-a-Glance Table
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  • Deadlands: Twilight Legion games are listed first, then...
  • Entries are arranged by first scheduled slot.
Thur Friday Saturday Sunday Setting
7pm 9am 2pm 7pm 9am 2pm 7pm 9am 2pm
5139 5139 5139 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Ghosts of Sand Creek (gm: Christopher Landauer)
5140 5140 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Night Train (gm: Donald Arnold)
5138 5138 5138 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Science is Golden (gm: Derek Johnson)
5136 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Journey to La Caverna del Oro (gm: Brian McCabe)
5137 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Love's Labors Lost (gm: Marc Gacy)
5135 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Funny Things Happen Out West (gm: Trevor Holland)
5134 Deadlands: Twilight Legion - Silent Night, Hungry Night (gm: Tynan Gacy)
5158 SW Super Heroes: Evil League of Evil - Your First Evil Assignment (gm: Steve Kellison)
5186 SW Savage Pendragon: The Scouring of Tintagel (gm: Dustin Hatchett)
5187 SW Society of Sorcery and Steam: The Demon Prince of Austria (gm: R. Kal)
5152 5152 5152 5152 5152 5152 SW Shaintar: Justice and Life (gm: Sean Patrick Fannon)
5182 5182 5182 SW Fallout: The Air is Rare (gm: Benjamin Pelayo)
5185 5185 SW The Hair of the Dog (gm: Bruce Powell)
5131 SW Accursed: Slantina (gm: David Weiss)
5121 5121 SW Savage X-Crawl (gm: Lee Langston)
5070 SW Dreadnaught (gm: Jacob Burgess)
5071 SW Fantasy: Dark Age (gm: Sequoyah Wright)
5146 SW Interface Zero: Lords of Salem (gm: David Weiss)
5156 SW Space 1889: Dark Heart Reckoning (gm: Tod Higman)
5160 SW Twilight 2000: Fast Attack (gm: Joe Thomas)
5147 5147 SW Karthador: Mystery of the Ancients (gm: Trevor Holland)
5072 SW Rifts: Savage Rifts (gm: Sequoyah Wright)
5130 SW Camp Wicakini (gm: David Weiss)
5157 SW Space Opera(ish): Deadzone (gm: Tod Higman)
5159 SW The Widening Gyre: A Gaze Blank and Pitiless (gm: Bill Keyes)
5125 5125 SW The Legendary Crew of the Black Heart: Tortuga on Fire (gm: Chris Fuchs)
5163 5163 SW Wellstone City: No Rhyme Nor Reason (gm: Neal Hyde)
5068 SW Gears of War 3: Saving Minister Ryen (gm: Phil Adams)
5118 SW Legends of the Solar Rangers (gm: Brian Ingram)
5120 SW Rude Awakening (gm: Sequoyah Wright)
5129 SW Accursed: Sundered Vows (gm: Ross Watson)
5149 SW Ravaged Earth: The City of the Dead (gm: R. Kal)
5154 SW Shaintar: Justice and Life - Siege at Oakden (gm: Shawn Gore)
5144 5144 SW Gernsback: Red Planet, Red Blood (gm: Bill Keyes)
5126 5126 SW The Secrets of Loch Ness (gm: Nic Willey)
5162 5162 SW Warblammer 39,280.4550234k: Pandemoniumium (gm: Neal Hyde)
5119 SW Live Free or Die (gm: Sequoyah Wright)
5133 SW CthulhuTech: Point of Unlight (gm: Tod Higman)
5143 SW G.I.Joe: Abusing the System (gm: Joe Thomas)
5153 SW Shaintar: Justice and Life - Dark Druids (gm: Shawn Gore)
5141 5141 SW Fear the Dark (gm: Neal Hyde)
5183 5183 SW Fallout: Goodnight, Irene (gm: Benjamin Pelayo)
5123 SW Teenage Mutant Outlaw Turtles (gm: Nic Willey)
5124 SW The Greatest Adventure Ever! (gm: Brian McCabe)
5127 SW VampireBane (gm: Tynan Gacy)
5128 SW Zerg War (gm: Steve Kellison)
5132 SW Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.: Wolf's Night (gm: Eloy Lasanta)
5142 SW Fantasy: Orcapocalypse! (gm: Tod Higman)
5145 SW Hell on Earth Reloaded: Kelly's Wild Bunch (gm: Derek Johnson)
5148 SW Ravaged Earth: King of the Skies (gm: Justin Suzuki)
5151 SW Savage Star Trek: Morn the Fearless (gm: Dustin Hatchett/Tim Heath)
5155 SW Solomon Kane: Better Than Any Man (gm: Marc Gacy)
5184 SW Fallout: Mountains Majesty (gm: Benjamin Pelayo)
5188 SW Accursed: The Light at Grove Point (gm: R. Kal)
5190 SW Edge Runners (gm: Sequoyah Wright)
5069 SW Return of Blight (gm: Phil Adams)
5117 SW Gilligan's Island (gm: Brian Ingram)
5150 SW Savage Road: The Last Road to Vegas (gm: Dustin Hatchett/Tim Heath)
5161 SW Twilight 2000: The Landings at Charbahar (gm: Joe Thomas)
5189 SW A Case for the Neighborhood Watch (gm: Chris Fuchs)
7pm 9am 2pm 7pm 9am 2pm 7pm 9am 2pm Setting
Thur Friday Saturday Sunday


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