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MSTB info for Savage GMs


The MSTB registration system which we use for GenghisCon and Tacticon has upgraded their capabilities and now allows us to mass-submit our games. This means that for GenghisCon 2016 we will once again submit all games just once through the RMS site and the RMS will clean them up (spell check, make terms uniform, etc.) and submit them en masse to MSTB. To ensure you get the right credits, we need to collect your unique MSTB ID number.

Since we're all registering for Tacticon right now, you can easily find your number by:

(1) Signing up at the MSTB site.

(2) Locate your number in the upper right once you log in.

Look in upper right corner after you log in

(3) Copy your number into the form below.

Your Name
( )
Your 12 digit MSTB ID number, include spaces: e.g. 2015 3326 0464
Your e-mail address.

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