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2018 RMS Membership

Based on the success of our 2015-2017 Membership experiment, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN SAVAGES is continuing Membership for 2018!

Membership will remain $20 for the 2018 calendar year per person ($21 with the paypal fee).

The first benefits you get are a unique RMS t-shirt (delivered at GenghisCon 2018), a unique RMS murder-die, and a Membership Bennie which will serve as an extra Bennie at every RMS game you play all year, so each of your characters will get LUCK for free. Some GMs might even let you share this Bennie with other players at your table. We think these deliverables alone are worth the price of entry, but your membership will also fuel so much more, so become a member today via this PayPal link or find us in person at upcoming events to pay with cash or your credit/debit card.

Out-of-state supporters are welcome to become members, be sure to include your shipping address so we can get you your swag!

Please include your T-shirt Size (e.g. XXL), and optional cut like "Tall" (which is also great for chubbies like me) or "Female" for the Women's Cut style t-shirts.

More information.

T-shirt Size

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